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Digital Radiographs

At Valley Veterinary Surgery, we are equipped with a high quality digital radiograph machine. Radiographs provide a great way to look at what is happening on the inside of your pet.

Conditions affecting the bones that may be diagnosed using radiographs include fractures, osteoarthritis, bone cancer, cruciate ligament ruptures, spinal problems and dislocations to name a few.

Conditions affecting soft tissue structures include: heart enlargement, pneumonia, cancer, stomach or intestinal foreign bodies, kidney disease, bladder stones and constipation.

Radiographs are safe for your pet and can be conducted with a light sedative to stop your pet from becoming over anxious, and keep them calm and happy.

What happens to my pet when it is booked in for radiographs?

Most of our patients are admitted into hospital for the day to have radiographs taken, unless it is an emergency in which case they will be taken immediately. We ask that you bring your pet in unfed on the morning of admission, as they will most likely be sedated or anaesthetised to allow us to take the best quality radiographs possible. Once the radiographs have been taken we will give you a call or book an appointment for our veterinarians to show you the images and to discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan for your pet.