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Clinical pathology involves the laboratory evaluation of blood, fluids or body tissues in order to identify existing diseases. Common laboratory tests include blood chemistry, complete blood counts, blood clotting times, urinalysis, faecal tests, biopsy examination, cultures and infectious disease testing.

We offer a fully equipped "on-site” laboratory facility. This allows our highly trained staff to run blood, urine and faecal tests momentarily. There are no long waiting times for samples to be posted to an external laboratory and no guessing at the treatment until the results return. The time saved can be the difference between life and death! Some of the conditions that may be diagnosed with in house testing are kidney and liver disease, pancreatitis, diabetes, hormonal problems, infections, parasites, anaemia and certain cancers.

Having these facilities in house also means that we can provide valuable information about your pet’s anaesthetic safety. If you want to do what is best for your pet, but are worried about whether or not they will make it through an anaesthetic, we can give you peace of mind. A simple in house blood test, the morning of the surgery, allows us to check your pet’s liver and kidney function (amongst others). These are the two main organs involved in breaking down and excreting anaesthetic drugs.

A blood test is not only important before surgery, but also as an ongoing preventative strategy for our senior pets. The good news is that many of the diseases that older pets are susceptible to are either 100% preventable or are easily managed if detected early enough. Ask your Valley Veterinary Surgery about a senior wellness test for your pet today.

In some cases specialised testing may be required and can take 12-24 hours for blood results or up to 14 days for biopsy results to return, depending on the nature of the test being performed. The vet will inform you of your pet's laboratory results when they are received.