Puppy Pre-school

CutePuppyAt Valley Veterinary Surgery we provide an effective puppy preschool program for puppies aged 6 - 16 weeks old.

Throughout the 4 week course our qualified nurses will show and assist you with behavioural techniques that will help you to control your puppy. The class will also provide the following information and skills for you and your puppy:

  • Development and understanding of normal puppy behaviour
  • Use positive reinforcement techniques to improve negative behaviour
  • Learn four basic commands Sit, Come, Drop and Stay
  • Understand the importance of socialisation
  • Understand the importance of communication and the bond between you and your puppy

Through learning these techniques you and your puppy will create a relationship that will continue to grow and be rewarding throughout the years.

For more information or to book your puppy in our next available class call us on 4959 2099 or 4951 3799.