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Why Choose Us

Minimal wait times- Appointments are routinely scheduled to lessen waiting time. This gives us the time to ensure we have covered all your concerns. As the next patient, it means that there is less chance of appointments running over time, leaving you hanging in the waiting room. Obviously, emergencies happen. If we are running behind, we will attempt to ring you to reschedule.
Continuity of care- As a community veterinary practice, you will see the vet you request. We feel continuity of care by the one vet is very important and where practical, we aim to do this. This provides you with a more personal level of service, something you may not always receive. We are happy for you to request either vet, just say so at the time of making our appointment.
After-hours care- Valley Vet Surgery offers 24 hour emergency service. A qualified veterinarian is on call each night, every weekend and all Public Holidays for both small and large animal emergencies. Upon arrival, your pet will be assessed by one of our veterinarians. We will aim to provide an estimate of the costs involved with your case, however, please be aware that with emergency procedures costs can vary depending on what services and treatments are required. Our veterinarians will keep you updated regularly during the course of your pet's stay in hospital. Please contact us to discuss our after-hours arrangement, it’s always nice to know this information before you actually need it.

If you have an emergency please phone:

  • Marian - 4914 2404
  • Walkerston - 4959 2099
  • Mackay - 4951 3799

If the Veterinarian is not at the surgery, listen to the recorded message and then phone the mobile phone number provided.

Value for money- Know that our standard of care is of very high importance and we believe it is possible to practice a high level of medicine at competitive prices. We understand some clients are conscious of cost but quality of care is also extremely important to them. Where possible we will give you a range of treatment options and estimates are available on request.

Even the most prepared pet owner can get caught out with the costs of treating their animal in situations of sudden illness or injury. For this reason, we at Valley Veterinary Surgery strongly recommend Pet Insurance for all our patients. Pet insurance is by far the best way to ensure you can provide the best care for your pet no matter what curve ball life throws at you.

If you do not have insurance we also offer Vetpay, an external company that allows you to pay off your vet bills. Contact us today to get assistance with a preapproval.